Welcome to Rochester Here Is Your Hotel Here Is a List of Things To Do

Things to do in rochester new york

Welcome to Rochester. Need a place to stay? There are tons of hotels in Rochester New York for you to choose from. Need something to do? Why, it just so happens that there are tons of things to do in Rochester New York too! In fact, there are always fun things to do in Rochester, no matter the time of year or day.

When you get to one of the hotels in Rochester New York, they are sure to have a variety of pamphlets for you to peruse. Of course, there are all of the sightseeing and locations for you to experience. There is the Rochester Museum of Science, the Strong Museum of Play, and the Memorial Art Gallery, for starters. But you can also visit the more natural landmarks.

There is the sprawling Mount Hope Cemetery, where such notable figures as both Bausch and Lomb were buried, as well as Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass, among many others. The Highland Park is expansive and beautiful. If you come back next spring you can enjoy the lilacs in full bloom, a truly majestic experience. And be sure to stop in to the Lamberton Conservatory, that is where I had my wedding. And of course, what trip to Rochester would be complete without stopping to see the High Falls? You can see them from the roof of the Genesee Brewery, so head on over for two birds with one stone.

We also have the Seneca Park Zoo, and the Cobbs Hill Reservoir. And Seabreeze is right out by the lake. For some evening entertainment there is the Little Theater, RAPA, the Geva Theater, and the Dryden. And for Rochester things to do this weekend, be sure to hit up the Public Market for the best and freshest in produce and many other fantastic goods.

There certainly is plenty for you to do while you are here in the city. It is a shame that you will only be here for such a short time, though. You will be missing out on a lot. Come back in the spring and stay for a month. You can see much more of our fair city then.