Garbage Plates and Lilacs What to Do in Rochester

Rochester events

Need some things to do Rochester NY? Do you find yourself sitting at home every weekend playing fetch with the cat? You know he won’t bring that tennis ball back. You need to get out. You need to find some Rochester events. Some Rochester things to do!

Fortunately for you, there are countless Rochester things to do! With such an wide variety to choose from, your first task is to decide on which events or clubs you would like to attend in your Rochester NY things to do. You will have some tough decisions, Under Water Basket Weaving meets at the same time as Teaching Your Bees how to Be Apiarists. But once you decide, you know that you have Thursday nights booked from now until your bees experience the rapture.

But not so fast, because festival season will be starting in mere weeks. At current count at the time of this writing, there are twenty three established festivals to be experienced, some as early as mid April, going all the way to mid September. Not to mention the fact that there are ten more awaiting their dates and locations to add to the list. Two Rochester staple festivals consist of The Lilac Fest, celebrating the gorgeous Lilacs that come out and blanket Rochester in their delicious scent for two weeks a year, located at Highland Park. And the Corn Hill Arts Festival, which is less about the carnies and fried junk food and kitsch that you can buy at any county fair, but this one focuses on the local, hand crafting artists located all over the city. They join together in the Corn Hill District, throw up some tents like an over night Hooverville, and sell their sometimes really beautiful and unique wares to us normal, untalented types who would like a back scratcher made from bed pan and a painting of a horse sumo wrestling Nikolai Tesla.

You can pick just fairs and festivals, you can find other one time events happening throughout the year, or you can even find a club or organization celebrating a very eclectic hobby or interest that meets once a week (I am looking at you, Hedgehog Horseback Riding). Whatever it is that you are looking for, or if it is all three, there are so many neat and new Rochester things to do.