Emal Hosting is a Necessity for Businesses

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Email hosting used to be something of a luxury for businesses. First developed by MIT, the Compatible Time Sharing System used dial up terminals to store and transmit files on a single disc, giving rise to MIT CTSS Mail for years later. As recently as the 1990s, companies could avoid email hosting. When Bill Clinton was president, he only sent two emails. One was a test, and the other was to congratulate John Glenn on board a space shuttle. Since then, email hosting services have not just gone mainstream, but are vital for any business.

Good email hosting today follows industry standards. Email hosting services have platforms for any device an end user accesses their email from, such as a PC, tablet or smartphone. Furthermore, email hosting services have a standard encryption of 128 bit encryption, which means data sent when a user is logged in is sent securely.

That said, a good email hosting service, such as those a Rochester web development company builds, can run either on the dedicated servers or on the cloud. is also integrated into web design, such as those Rochester web design services provide.

Far from a luxury, email hosting is a service virtually every business needs. With technological advances, email hosting will migrate further onto the cloud, and increase capacity. This means businesses can transmit ever more data, and further save on costs.